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Unholy Extreme Black is the second of two demos released by the transitory Helwetti, whose members later went on to participate with Warloghe, whose material never quite manages to match that of the younger and underdeveloped project. The case is not uncommon in the underground, where a rather bestial and ritualistique effort without the intention of pandering to a certain ideology, but nonetheless fueled with its spiritual ideas, manages to bring a very powerful invocation of lower-world forces in a way that later, allegedly more mature, projects can never quite reach. The racing melodies of Helwetti’s music in traditional black metal dissonances arranged through percussive changes, breaks and vocal overlays raises its minimalist expression to the best that could possibly be achieved while remaining so melodically and harmonically simple (in a similar manner to Darkthrone’s Transilvanian Hunger,without sounding like it).

Herein lies the trap of ideological pandering: the intention to influence others through a fulfilling of expectations can never result in great works of art, because all great art lies in the breaking of boundaries and an internal compass of honest personal fulfillment. That is not to say, however, that transgression is itself equivalent to great art, but it is an observable requisite of the latter. Unholy Extreme Black is also a similar proposition to Altar of Perversion’s The Abyss’ Gate Re-Opens, but Helwetti manages to avoid the temptation of the latter to ignore coherence of content in an effort to present an outwardly richer material. Helwetti provides richness through depth in the reach of its rather brief material, by making the melodic content malleable to the manipulations of the rest of the musical elements.

The necro sound of the (lack of?) production gives it a perfect touch that is certainly not a detriment to the sound of the instruments, as their clarity is maintained throughout, but it actually attenuates distractions typical of the metal ambition to sound larger than what the often simple compositions actually are, and so the actual merit of the musical arrangements comes to the foreground. The vocals on this recording are, furthermore and lastly, an incredible delight to listen to as they express a nuanced wealth of dark emotions, greatly adding to the overall atmosphere of Unholy Extreme Black.


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