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Back when underground metal was briefly disconnected from the affectations of mainstream popular music, bands could still experience what the above-ground would call “one time hits”. Unparalleled Existence is one of those four-song demos that at once delivered the full value that a project such as Crucifier proved being able to deliver as events later unfolded. It conveyed a convincing atmosphere with just enough musical content to give it weight and replayability, even if there was not much else to distinguish it from the rest than a better wiring of well-known materials which had by then already become tropes.

The style aligns with that American East Coast death metal of famed cavernous contours carved diligently even if lacking musical acumen beyond the immediate transition. That is to say, while there is a style and a phrase-to-phrase approach that awards this music a certain degree of coherence, the overall is a confused and semi-blind memory. And while on the upside this experience may constitute an adventure, the overall hold that Crucifier might have on the listener relies heavily on that feeling of subterranean disorientation. Becoming accustomed to that effect will then render one tired of a music that holds little else of interest.

As lukewarm an evaluation as the present writing may appear to be, Unparalleled Majesty is a recommended listening for nighttime reading of dark tomes and the like; its value is also that of a heavy but concise introduction to the fuzzier side of death metal that constituted the meat of the underground. On its own, this is a recording that can teach an open-minded listener a little of that unconscious searching of which many of these bands partook, which resulted in the obscure and harsh sonic landscaping of a real death metal. In its imperfection, it may offer an easier, though more limited, first approach to the more savage, vast, and still unexplored territories extant beyond the frontispiece marked by the name.