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Ancestral Goetia can be noted for three demos:

  • ’92: Betray God, Hail Satan
  • ’92: Prophets of Darkmoon
  • ’93: We, the Tribute to Lust

Each of them is a cumulative effort over the previous ones.

The first retains a very primitive approach, utilizing basic percussive techniques, a motif-repeating guitar and very expressive and demented screams. Minimalist and savage music for those akin to the night. or those in search of a dark essence, it will be immediately apparent that there is a contribution to distortion in the imperfection of performance, which in turn lends a hand to the atmosphere of hidden, underlying and destructive chaos.

The second demo introduces a more prominent use of a synth-produced melodies that simply form a melody that echoes the shapes of the guitar, without resorting to chords. The drums are considerably more technically proficient as well, without actually implying that the technicality of the performing musicians here is actually great. The last statement, however, is not meant to detract from the value of the music in the least, and should only be taken as a descriptor.

In the third demo we see a much more technically stable performance by the band as a whole, and the synths are used to create a separate melody from the guitar, instead of following it. Furthermore, the overall interaction between instruments is more dynamic, even if more standardized. Even female vocals are introduced very, very sparingly, and as an echo that never comes over the instruments, serving instead like a spectre’s wailings.

Ancestral Goetia’s music is so akin to the atmosphere of dark sorcery, that one could say it is difficult to apprehend without at least some experience in meditative darkness. The controlled, ritualesque but nonetheless consistent phrasal drive of the music holds a combination of purposeful melodiousness and dissonance, with even some few moments of corroding atonality, preserve the flow of the trance. This is true even though towards the end, in the last expressions of the third demo, the project did appropriate more mainstream ways.

For those seeking a purified essence behind the more mysterious side of Ancestral Goetia, one could recommend the more obscure shadow project Necrodoom. Despite the rather immature name, even as far as metal-related projects go, the eerie sounds and noctambular atmospheres that Ancestral Goetia showcases as if through a veil, Necrodoom explores in full, as if traversing the seas of the Abyss…