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A comment by Georg Luck in Arcana Mundi, Second Edition, page 285.

The Greek word for ‘‘prophetic power’’ or ‘‘gift of divination’’ is manteia; the word for ‘‘prophet’’ or ‘‘prophetess’’ is mantis. The Greeks were probably right in connecting these two words with mainomai ‘to be mad’ and mania ‘madness’, but of course they were not thinking of permanent insanity; rather, they meant an abnormal state of mind that lasted for a short time. The word ekstasis also is used to describe this abnormal state; it means ‘‘stepping out of one’s self ’’ and is best understood today as ‘‘trance,’’ though in antiquity it could mean a form of ‘‘possession.’’ The association of prophetic powers with ‘‘madness’’ seems to be a very old idea among the Indo-European tribes, as the etymology shows, and the descriptions of prophetic trance stress this particular aspect. It should be said, however, that this is only one form of divination; there are forms (e.g., the interpretation of dreams, or astrological forecasts) that do not require—in fact, they preclude—an abnormal state of consciousness.